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Shipping & Delivery

When you order a beautiful, new home gym from, you have two delivery options to choose from.


If you choose shipping, we will deliver the appliances of your choice right to your door. It is then up to you to lift the equipment inside, put it in place and (if applicable) assemble it. The shipping of one appliance costs €49 excluding VAT. For each additional device we charge an additional €20,- (excl VAT) up to 5 devices.

So the cost for this shipping method is a maximum of €149 for 6 or more appliances. This option can be attractive if you want to save installation costs and don't mind putting the appliances in place and together yourself at your home.

Delivery & installation

If you prefer us to fully assemble your home gym for you, choose delivery and installation. If you go for this option, not only will we bring your order to your chosen location, but we'll also lift the fitness equipment to the room or space of your choice, even if it's on another floor. We also assemble the machines (if applicable) for you, so we don't leave again until your own home gym is fully set up and ready to use.

This delivery and installation service costs €198 regardless of how many devices you ordered, so €49 for delivery and €149 for installation. With this service it is not possible to select only a few devices for installation; your entire order will be put in place and assembled for you. Please take this into account. Amounts are excluding VAT.

Please note that we assume 1 hour of installation time. If the location is difficult to access and the installation takes longer as a result (for example, if there are many stairs in the building), additional installation fees may apply.

Do you have questions about shipping and/or installation? Please feel free to contact us at or call +31 (085)0013290.